Outdoor has great importance in the health of any living thing, and one of the basic study known from childhood could be in plants. Plants once denied some outside breeze would certainly fail as the sun, and the outer environment greatly contributes to healthy and energized look.
When we are outdoor certainly these will happen:

Better chance for longer life.

Those who live near green space are less likely to be sick a research done by Dutch researchers, the diseases such as better heart health and reduced stress will certainly increase the longevity by natural boost you get by being outside.

Renewed mental energy.

Mental fatigue can bring a stop to your brain, but a study from Journal of Environmental Psychology has shown that mental energy and fatigue can be overcome by having your real-time in nature. By having fresh air and getting songs from the birds will significantly relieve your mental fatigue.

Lowered body inflammation.

Inflammation is a natural process that the body responds to injury like the burn, or knocked toe but with real time spent in nature can reduce the inflammation and aids in quick recovery.

Students spending time in a forest have less inflammation than their counterparts in urban set up a research done in China by Zhejiang Hospital in collaboration with Zhejiang Provincial Key Lab of Geriatrics.
Good for the heart.

Studies have shown a vast improvement on the heart while gazing at the forest. Diseases such as stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline and blood pressure have less dramatic effects while strolling by the trees or outdoors.

Japanese scientists have proven that forest bathing reduces stress and improves your general health.

Vitamin D level boost

It is known as the sunshine vitamin, and its principal function is related to maintaining a blood level of phosphorus and calcium to normal.
It is insufficient even in balanced food and can be found from sunlight with protective benefits in cancer, stroke, depression and most likely heart attacks.

Getting vitamin D is the easiest thing, just by being outside for 15 minutes for a few day weekly.

Faster healing

With spinal surgery patients get faster healing and take few pain medication when exposed to natural sunlight a study by University of Pittsburgh researcher, 2005. However spending quiet time with nature does not bring the cure to diseases such as cancer but helps to reduce the pain and relieve you from stress as you enjoy the green character of the world.

You will feel happier

Research by Journal of Environmental Psychology concludes that people are more comfortable and feel alive while outdoor.

“Nature is fuel for the soul” statement by lead author and professor from University of Rochester, Richard Ryan. Nature refuels our souls for more energy and strength.

Aging gracefully

With lessening stress, aging can be graceful as pressure increase faster aging, in addition to these, outdoors helps in weight loss, exercise is more enjoying and easy while outdoor.

Being in high altitudes elevation reduces hunger cravings and increase or boost body metabolism.

Better short term memory

Students were given memory test and divided into two groups; one group walked down the city and another group around nature; they did the test again with a group that walked among the trees had an improvement of 20%, unlike the other group that no increase was recorded the University of Michigan did this research.

Improved concentration

Nature has high attention effect on kids and adults the environmental nature has restoring effects to all living things.

One thing that you cannot avoid is the fresh air in nature and coupled with significant advantages it is crucial to spend few minutes outdoor to get reenergized.