Hunting with your canine

Hunting with your canine!

Are you thinking about going hunting? Do you need to find the right geat for your hunting dog and all the necessary and proper equipment you may need but you are stuck at a stand still? Well, I am here to save the day!
As a hunter, you need to be sure you have trained your dog accordingly before they go out on a hunt. If you haven’t trained your dog well enough and as you should have they could be in extreme danger or even put you as the hunter at a huge risk of danger. Make sure the bond you have with your canine is adamant, and you may even consider placing your dog in training school. Here I will talk about a few different types of hunting equipment for canines that I have found to be most helpful while hunting with my canine.

Dummy Prey!

Dummy prey which is known as a mock duck or bird is great to have and use so you can make sure when your canine reaches the target he won’t rip it to shreds or maul at the carcass of the bird. You probably are also going to want to invest in a dummy launcher to give the artificial prey a real feel to it for your dog. The launcher will launch the model victim and send it soaring as if it were trying to make it look real.


You can purchase scents that help your dog more aware of which prey is in the general vicinity at the time when you are hunting whether it be a duck or something bigger.

GPS Collar.

If your dog is wearing a GPS collar, you will be able to pinpoint exactly where the location of your dog is. A lot of the times your canine will run ahead of you and make it’s way to the prey before you do which is completely normal.

In my opinion, these few items are a necessity when hunting with your canine. No matter what my target prey is I always have these few items, and I promise they will help so much.